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got or want a yacht? or an RV?

Need to sell your boat or RV? Hit me up at karib at!

Want to buy one? I do that too! I started working with and awhile back and really enjoy matching people with their dream vessels – be it by land or sea!





POP Yachts is the largest broker of boats and yachts in the world, selling more boats faster than any other method. POP Yachts is the best of both worlds: combining the service and convenience of a local broker with the power of the internet. Selling more than 1,500 boats per year, POP Yachts does whatever is takes to get it done.

As a seller, you are firmly in the driver’s seat with POP. You tell POP what you need to net from the sale and POP Yachts goes to work.

You can even still sell your boat on your own. Unlike other “brokerage” services, if you sell your boat on your own, decide to stop selling, or decide to trade your boat in, you don’t owe POP Yachts a dime for its service. POP only gets paid if we sell your boat. In fact, POP simply withholds its commission from the purchase price paid by the buyer so you never pay POP Yachts anything.

Selling your boat with POP Yachts is a dream come true for boat owners. Finally a service comes along offering the power of selling through the internet and the services of a local broker.

When selling through POP, you keep all the flexibility you deserve as a boat owner to use your boat any time and to sell your boat on your own at any time.

Need proof? Click here for independent reviews on POP Yachts:


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